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Animals show joy directly

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I am Sunny and I live in one of about 500 animal shelters in Germany.
Let me briefly explain my situation and that of my friends:

Animal shelters in Germany receive only very limited financial support from the state and municipalities. Mainly volunteers have to take care of the intensive and regular care of the animals.

The keepers do their best to offer us animals a nice life in the shelter. Unfortunately, this does not always work, because our facilities are getting on in years and there is not enough space for all the animals. In addition, there is always a risk of injury due to a defective facility.


Giving animals a voice

Giving animals a voice - This is the guiding principle of the Kreistierheim Mechernich. Since 1988, the shelter has been committed to animal welfare in the region and helps animals find a nice and safe home.

Together as a team, we have created a holistic concept in order to be prepared for the demands of the future - because the needs of animal aid are becoming ever greater.

The Kreistierheim cordially invites you to a wünderschönen tour, will be happy to introduce you to the current animal residents of the house. Find out about urgent construction projects in the current events, the achievements in animal assistance speak for themselves.

And now I show you where I lived in the shelter Mechernich.

Actually, we are doing really well there. But we have a big problem:

Our now 25 year old dog house was quite dilapidated and and had to be replaced by a new building. The renovation of the existing property was no longer worth it! According to a cost estimate prepared (early 2018) which is estimated at 270,500 euros. We were able to raise these funds through numerous donations received from the population and through our own efforts, so we started the construction of the dog house. Now, within the building phase it turned out that by increased costs the new building becomes more expensive around approx. 65,000 euro. With your support we hope to realize the shortfall as soon as possible and at the same time give us dogs, who are waiting in the shelter for a new home, a little more quality of life and joy.

Please help us and allow us to live a more dignified life!
We also do something for you (if desired)!

Please support us with our problem, so that our all "animal shelter Mechernich in the Eifel" remains!

We thank you very much - in the name of the board and the whole shelter team!

Your Reiner Bauer with Sunny - our "fighter for her friends" from the animal shelter Mechernich and fully committed to this!

Please support us with our problem, so that our all

"Animal shelter Mechernich in the Eifel"

is preserved!


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